Guagua Oy is small, agile and growing IT-consulting company. This means we can adapt your varying needs to offer quality service you need.

Our offerings are:

Services for Cloud environments

Even with Cloud you will need someone to plan and manage your services and service infrastucture so that you can offer scalable, reliable and secure service for your customers.

Services for office and company networks

Full range of services including planning, hardware procurement, security planning, services (e-mail, company intra and extranet), internet connectivity and daily maintenance of networks your company needs.

Services for production and development servers

These services include design, planning, security and daily maintenance for your production and development servers. We offer these services for variety of platforms including UNIX(AIX, Solaris, HP/UX), Windows and Linux servers.

Services for databases

We offer services for installation and daily maintenance of databases systems (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL). We can also offer services for database planning and tuning trough our contacts.

Services for software development

We offer services for software development in different programming languages including (C, C++, PHP, Java, Perl and OCaml)

Services for education

We offer customized courses on the field of system administration and operation of computer systems.

Contact us to learn more about our services and prices!

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